Turin Royal Palace Tour - 3 hours

See the most interesting sites of Turin in one half-day tour with local top-rated guide


Enjoy a 2 hours tour led by an expert guide through the Royal Palace, House of Savoy, which is listed in the Unesco World Heritage sites.

The Royal Palace has been built in the XVII century and it was home of Savoy’s family, first as Kings of Sardinia and Piedmont and then, as Kings of Italy from 1861 up to 1946 when Italy became a Republic.

Take a leap into the past and walk room-by-room listening histories of Kings and Queens, Writes and Thinkers. Admire the furniture and the finest decorations and frescoes.

Take the chance to see the Royal Armory, one of the richest collections of arms and armors in the world. It is exibhited in the Royal Gallery, frescoed by Daniel Seiter, it rivaled the Versailles Hall of mirrors.

Go up to the second floor from the Scala delle Forbici ( Scale of Scissors) built by Juvarra, a great architect of Rococò age. A true masterpiece for architecture!

Walk through the Royal Gardens and admire the “Fontana dei Tritoni. The gardens have been projected by André Le Notre, which worked also for the Palace of Versailles.

Learn about the Italian Risorgimento, when Vittorio Emanuele II and Camillo Benso Conte di Cavour unified Italy.

The beauty of the building and the history of the unification of Italy will leave you breathless!

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  • Exclusive Private Tour with Local Licensed Guide only for you
  • Duration: 3 hours - Available everyday - Advanced booking gives you more flexibility
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  • Private Tour
  • Language: Eglish
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